Summer activities in Don Bosco Youth Center, Shuvuu Village

In 2016, The late Bishop Wens invited the Salesians to continue to the
mission work in center which had previously been run by the ICM
sisters in Shuvuu village. Tuul village is located in a rural area 35
km from Ulaanbaatar. Most of the residents are unemployed, retired or
uneducated.  Many are farmers from the countryside. There is only one
public school and kindergarten. THE children who live in Shuvuu village
have no opportunity to acquire new skills or place to spend their free

Therefore, The Salesians expanded the existing facilities and have
begun to provide summer and oratory activities in Shuvuu village. Last
July The Oratory center started its summer activities such as;
Computer class, English language class, Bicycling, Dance, Art and
Music class. More than 30 children from village came to attend the
classes here. Even some adults joined to the classes.

Every year some volunteers from abroad to visit Mongolia to help for
it. This summer two volunteers from Poland are teaching Music; guitar
and piano and English language, a Scottish volunteer is teaching
English and Art. There are also some Mongolian volunteers are helping
for other classes. Father Jaraslov is responsible for the computer and
bicycle classes with permanent workers of this center.

It is A very good opportunity for children TO SPEND their time with
friends and to learn new things. Wishing the children to learn many

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