About us

We are Salesian of Don Bosco (= the Society of St Francis de Sales) in Mongolia.

“With a feeling of humble gratitude we believe that the Society of St Francis de Sales came into being not as a merely human venture but by the initiative of God. Through the motherly intervention of Mary, the Holy Spirit raised up St John Bosco to contribute to the salvation of youth, “that part of human society which is so exposed and yet so rich in promise”.
The Spirit formed within him the heart of a father and teacher, capable of total self-giving: “I have promised God that 1 would give of myself to my last breath for my poor boys”.
To ensure the continuation of this mission, the Spirit inspired him to initiate various apostolic projects, first among them our Society.

The Church has acknowledged God’s hand in this, especially by approving our Constitutions and by proclaiming our Founder a saint.
From this active presence of the Holy Spirit we draw strength for our fidelity and support for our hope.”  (Constitution of SDB, art. 1)

“The Lord made clear to Don Bosco that he was to direct his mission first and fore­most to the young, especially to those who are poorer.
We are called to the same mission and are aware of its supreme importance: young people are at the age when they must make basic life-choices which affect the future of society and of the Church.
With Don Bosco we reaffirm our preference for the young who are “poor, abandoned and in danger”, those who have greater need of love and evangelisation, and we work especially in areas of greatest poverty. “ (Constitution of SDB, art. 26)