DON BOSCO in Mongolia



The most important educational treasure of Don Bosco

Preventive system

The original purpose of Don Bosco’s mission clearly to revel to the poor young people the love of God for them. The underline principle is the Good Shepherd style. Thus in order to reveal it, he opted the preventive system where the young people can freely express their true freedom.

Value based education system

The preventive system is a value-based educational system which was developed by Don Bosco during the 19th century. Its ultimate aim was not just to render young people profitable for the economy, but as a method for them to find autonomy in life, becoming “good Christians and honest citizens”.

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Three pillars of preventive system

Thus it consists in making known the rules and regulations of an Institute, and then supervising in such a way that the students are always under the vigilant eye of the assistants, who like loving fathers will converse with them, act as guides in every event, counsel them and lovingly correct them and will of course put into a situation where they cannot do wrong. Furthermore, this system is all based on reason, religion and loving-kindness.

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