Darkhan-don bosco

Salesians in Darkhan

Darkhan is the third biggest city in Mongolia. Salesians of Don Bosco have been working in Darkhan since 2005 and established here Don Bosco Education Center and Parish of Mary Help of Christian. You can find more information about them on their sites.

Future Projects

Since the Salesians were entrusted the evangelization of Darkhan-Uul province and Selenge province, we always have to strengthen our present missionary works and look for chances to serve the people in this territory. Even though we have very few number of SDB, we can always collaborate with ASC which is growing now and they are all local people. So thinking of the future, we have two big possible projects, one is to strengthen the mission in Dakhan, another one is outreach to other city in our missionary territory.

Social Center in Darkhan

There are some big social problems in the society; firstly the family problem; maybe due to they tradition they don’t have a healthy family concept, e.g. devoice, abortion, living together without marriage, pre-marriage sexual relation, immature parents, etc. Secondly is the alcoholic addict, many broken family caused by alcoholic addict, many drunkard died on the street during winter time, because of alcoholic addict they cannot find job or has no intention for find work, etc. Thirdly is that the young people get lost, they don’t have dream nor hope, living without skill nor knowledge! All these problems need good counseling and accompaniment. Because of that we would like to build a social center providing counseling, seminars that help them to find their future and to build up good family.

Besides, we need a gymnasium so that the children and youth and gather and play especially during winter season which is very long in Mongolia.

Because of these we have been dreaming to build a complex Social Center in which there are gymnasium, oratory and counseling service section.

Youth Complex in Xotol

As the ASC had already started their apostolate in Xotol, and the governor had also invited us to start our works there; we have been keeping contact with the local governor and discuss on the possibility of starting our work there.

The governor showed us a piece of land that he can grant us free, what we have to do is to pay land-tax every year. And he also promised that he would help us as far as possible.

Since the governor invited us and gave all green lights to start the work there, it would be a good chance. By the way it is not far from Darkhan, it take only 40 minutes to drive there, so it is possible to work there without disturbing a lot of our community life.

In this small city there are a lot of children and youngsters; since it is a little bit remote from other cities, the nearest one is Darkhan which is around 60Km from it, the youngsters have no where to go for their leisure time. Everyday a lot of them come to the center of ASC, but the apartment is too small, many of them cannot enter and have to go and come back again to see if there is space. They themselves also expressed that they need a bigger youth center that they can read books, play, learn something and chat freely, etc. If we can build such a center for them they would be very happy and we would be welcomed.

One practical problem is that it is easy to get the land for it will be granted free by the government, but within two years we have to start some construction, otherwise the land will go back to the government according to law. So if we accept the land, we have to find resources for construction and prepare personnel to run a new apostolate with the Salesian Cooperators.