We are really experiencing joy of God’s blessing in our mission. Without our service thousands of young people would not have found good education and hope for future. We are grateful to many volunteers and donors helping us in our mission.

There are many way how to join our mission:

  • to became volunteer here; for example this year we have one volunteer from Scotland teaching English (for one year) and second volunteer from South Korea managing small farm near Darkhan (for more than 7 eyar!)
  • material support: equipment for Don Bosco school, youth center (we are using still very old computers without internet access, there are no bikes…)
  • prayer support: with God’s blessing we can experience miracles. Come here and see
  • financial support: each donation is important and helps young people here (there are really poor families, we provide them scholarship, support to construct their own house and move from tent…)

Our Mongolian Delegation Bank Account, where you can send you donation (in USD):

Account Name: DON BOSCO (delegation)
TUGRIK Account 404132519
Bank Name STATE BANK OF MONGOLIA (Turiin bank)
International SWIFT code STBMMNUB

Please, contact our delegation Economer Fr. Andy SDB in case of your donation – We would like to confirm you your donation and say to you our gratitude.