DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Who is Don Bosco for you (3)

Before the visit of Rector Major (22-25/10/2016) we did with some Mongolian people short interview about Don Bosco and Salesians. We would like to share the third part of them with you.

  • Who is Don Bosco for you?
  • What do you think about salesians working in Mongolia?
  • What do you expect from the visit of Retor Major in October 2016?

8. Munkhgerel:Don Bosco is a Great Man

I am Munkhgerel, I am a plumbing teacher. I graduated from DBTI Ulaanbaatar in the year 2005 as auto mechanic student and I have been working here since then.

According me Don Bosco is a great man who dedicated his life for unprivileged poor, and those young people who have hardships in life. If Don Bosco was not there, our school would not be in this country.

I am grateful to the Salesians and Rector Major who have sacrificed everything for the well- being of Mongolian youth.

I am happy that successors of Don Bosco have been directly in contact with young people in the world and working for them whole heartedly. I wish that with all the teachers, students, and workers of Don Bosco School in Mongolia and other Don Bosco school in the world may exchange experience and learning and work together and advance towards full development. I wish success to all.

09-yygna9. Yygantsetseg: Don Bosco is a wonderful priest and an educator

I am Yygantsetseg. I am working in Don Bosco School as a chemistry and communicative subject teacher since 2008.  I am very happy to work since then. Don Bosco is a wonderful priest and an educator who has dedicated his entire life for the people. He is an outstanding person and I am proud of him.

Don Bosco’s good work is being continued till now around the world. I am proud of fathers, brothers and sisters who are continuing the work of Don Bosco in Mongolia. They are sacrificing everything for the young people in Mongolia, they are saintly people. I wish that all of you may have good health and peace.

10. Tserenkhand: Don Bosco is a saintly priest

So, I am Tsegii, my full name is Tserenkhand. I started to work in Don Bosco School in 2001. I was the first English teacher and I have worked here for 3 year. Then I went to the South Korea I have been there for 7 years. Then I came back to Don Bosco again. Now I have been working here as a project manager.

In 2001, I did not know the word “Don Bosco” and I did not know who the person was. Fr. Carlo gave a book about Don Bosco to translate.  The book was about a guy who was a priest and saint person. He offered himself completely for better life and education of the youth.  So I like him very much and even loved him much.

I believed that Don Bosco sent all fathers, brothers and sisters to Mongolia.  And fathers and brothers taught us many things; especially how deal with poor children. I have learned many things from fathers, brothers and a book (Don Bosco).  The most important thing what I have learned is: to forgive others, and to love people, to hug and to kiss parents, and to show all good emotions.  Mongolian society is still much closed.  I wish all the best for Salesian fathers and brothers. Be holy and healthy.


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