DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Who is Don Bosco for you? (2)

Before the visit of Rector Major (22-25/10/2016) we did with some Mongolian people short interview about Don Bosco and Salesians. We would like to share the second part of them with you.

  • Who is Don Bosco for you?
  • What do you think about salesians working in Mongolia?
  • What do you expect from the visit of Retor Major in October 2016?

5. Гантуяа: First impression in Don Bosco Care Center


I am Gantuya. I am working since august 2016. Fathers and teachers love children as their own and children are contented. I am glad to work with so nice a community. Children and teachers of Care Center are very happy to know that Rector Major is visiting Mongolia.

6. Ганчимэг: Don Bosco is a Saint and a great Pedagogist

My name is Ganchimeg. I am working in Don Bosco care center since 2004.

According to me Don Bosco is a saint and a great pedagogist. I am happy to work with salesian fathers and brothers who are working in Mongolia. I have learnt many things from them, and I am proud of them. It is not easy to work being far away from the motherland. They are great people who have devoted their strength and energy and are channeling their intelligence for the young people of Mongolia.  We will be very happy to see Rector Major when he comes here. I know and believe how much salesians help and support us. I wish them great success and serenity.

7. Эбаа: Don Bosco is guide of the young people

I am Ebaa. I studied in Don Bosco in the year 200-2004. After I graduated I repaired cars till 2008.  Since 2008 I am working as auto mechanic teacher. Don Bosco is a guide for children who have difficulties in life.  Salesians in Mongolia are educators who are continuing the work of Don Bosco. We will be happy to have Rector Major Fr. Anghel in our midst. I wish our school be enhanced with capabilities to become a college or be affiliated to a university. I wish you all the best.

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