DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Who is Don Bosco for you? (1)

Before the visit of Rector Major (22-25/10/2016) we did with some Mongolian people short interview about Don Bosco and Salesians. We would like to share the first part of them with you.

  • Who is Don Bosco for you?
  • What do you think about salesians working in Mongolia?
  • What do you expect from the visit of Retor Major in October 2016?

01-mung-s1. Мөнгөнболор: Don Bosco is teacher of pedagogy

I am Mungunbolor. I graduated from DBTI in 2008 as a computer specialist. Since then I have been working as a part time employee and I did my university studies. For me, Don Bosco is teacher of pedagogy, he understands our hearts very well, he is like a friend and he is like a father who leads our life into into the right path.

The salesians working in Mongolia are like angels sent by Don Bosco. According to me they are capable people who dedicate their life for the future of Mongolian children to make these children literate, just and good citizens.

I can not imagine my life to be like this.  They have helped me to stand on my own feet.  They have taught me many things particularly to love, to respect and to forgive others.

02-underma-s2. Ундармаа: I am proud of salesians in Mongolia

I am Undarmaa. I have been working in this school since 2001.  Only because of the Salesians I am working here. They make me proud, for they work with sincere and whole heart dedication for the young people of Mongolia.

I have learned many things from them and they are like my father and elder brothers. I am very happy that Rector Major is visiting Mongolia soon. I am preparing to welcome him. I wish every one success for their work and life.

03-altan-s3. Алтанцэцэг: Salesians are formators of the young

I am Altantsetseg. I have been working in Don Bosco MCYT as a teacher since 2010. I am happy to work together with Salesian fathers and brothers. I express my gratitude to them. They are great formators who invest their knowledge, education, energy and strength, and every opportunity for the future of the Mongolian people. I wish all of you who are working for us, success and happiness.

4. Янжинпагам: Don Bosco is wonderful


instructor of the young

My name is Yanjinpagam. I am working as a sewing teacher. Don Bosco is a wonderful instructor, father and pedagogist. Because of his genuine dedicated life for the young I feel that he is with us in Mongolia. I am very happy to work with thousands of young people in the world who know Don Bosco. Salesians in Mongolia, being models for us, are teaching many things about Don Bosco. I will be very glad to meet Fr. Angel Fernandez our Rector Major.

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