DON BOSCO in Mongolia


A Delegation of Mongolian Labour Department and of Paliament paid visit to Don Bosco ITSC in Ulaanbaatar

By Bro. Le Phuong, SDB

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 21 May 2018 — On Friday, 18th May, a group from the Mongolian government, from the Labour Department and also from Parliament, came to visit Don Bosco ITSC in Ulaanbaatar. They are conducting visitations of the City’s technical schools, to gain a clearer understanding of their work and to enter into discussion with them, in the light of some impending changes.Classrooms tidied, communal areas scrubbed, workshops organised. Refreshments prepared, teachers and staff dressed in their uniforms, a welcome-party stood ready with aruul and a hadag, to greet the distinguished guests.

Don Bosco ITSC is one the school that was chosen by the Bayanzurkh district. They had a particular interest in this school, since it is independent.

Accompanied by numerous photographers and a cameraman, the visitors toured around the school, guided by Rector Fr. Paul Leung, SDB, Principal Br. Andrew Phuong, SDB and various members of staff. They were impressed by the training provided for the youth of this highly-industrial city. Furthermore, they praised the workshops, saying that they should be a model for technical schools throughout the country.

The school appeared on the national news that evening.As a technical skills centre, the school already has links with the Labour Department. This visit paves the way for further collaboration and partnership, now that the government has a clearer idea of the school’s values, standards and vision for the city’s youth.



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