DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Summer holiday of Caring Center in Shuwuu

During this summer season our caring center operated with 19 children, 8 teachers and staff and children stayed in Shuwuu for 2 months. Activities in Shuwuu helped them to grow psychically and emotionally.
Life skill activities: Different kind of activities were organized according to the needs and age of children. They enjoyed working in the green garden, building animal house and fence, cooking, planting and harvesting vegetable.

Building fence and house for animals

Bicycle riding and maintenance

This activity was organized to prevent children from watching TV and using social network. Children are very happy to ride bicycle twice a week with the guidance of teachers. Except riding a bicycle, children learnt to repair and maintain it. This is helpful to grow children physically and intellectually.

Training on electrical maintenance for children:

Conducted training 3 times a week on electrical maintenance for children from caring Center. This training was very efficient for children to have initial knowledge on electrical maintenance.

Children learnt how to plant and harvest vegetables

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