DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Don Bosco Technical School

Don Bosco Technical School

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Short history of the School and side activities

In 1998 the Salesians was invited by the Apostolic Nuncio to study the possibility of a presence of the Salisians in Mongolia, to work for the education of the working class youth and for the youth coming from country side and to give support to the new born Catholic Church in Mongolia.

The Salesian Provincial of South Korea (Fr. Vaclav Klement) made the first exploratory visits. Then the Councilor for the Missions (Fr. Luciano Odorico) likewise made his personal visit to Mongolia. These visits resulted in finalizing the proper response: In the year 2000 the Rector Major of Salesians entrusted the Mongolian mission to the Province of Vietnam.

In February 7, 2001, at the pick of the Mongolian winter, the fist Salesians Community entered in Mongolia; 6 confreres were pulled from 4 countries (Vietnam, Korea, Slovakia and the Philippines) to do the pioneering work.

In September 3, 2001 we began the Technical High School with 30 students in a 2 storey building given by the local Bishop (contracted for 99 years).

In September 2005, with the help of RGM and the City of Bonn, we built the actual school building of four storeys including the workshop of Auto-Mechanics, Welding (in the basement), 2 computer labs, library, offices, multi-purpose hall and 4 classrooms.

In 2003, the Salesians started the project for street children and orphans called Caring Center in Amgalan (6 km away from the school). However, due to lack of confreres and funding, in 2008, the Salesians decided to move the Caring Center to the 2nd floor of the two storey building (given by the Bishop).

Legal Status of the School

The Don Bosco Industrial Training Skills Centre (DBITSC) is fully recognized by the local authorities as a Private Educational Organization.

The official registration number of the school to the Labor Department is 9177507 under the name: Don Bosco Industrial Training Skills and Social Service Centers.

The person in-charge is: Fr. Andrew Nguyen Trung Tin SDB.

The register address is: Ulaanbaatar, Bayanzurk District, 13 Khoroo, Narnii zam 137. Mongolia

The phone is: 976-460963/65.

The school officially registers 2 programs: High School and Vocational Technical (Vo-Tech). After graduation, the students of DBITSC can work in industry as professional workers or can continue to study in the University. The diploma given by DBITSC is nationally recognized.

The other service of the Salesians is the caring center for street boys and orphans, age from 8 to 16 (only boys). The Salesians provides full assistant to the children (food, boarding, education and daily needs). For the study of secondary level, the children will be sent to the public schools. After that, they can enroll in DBITSC for continuing their high school and professional training. After two and half years, the Salesians will help them to become self supporting.

Description of the actual work.

At present, the school has around 250 Students, 63% students from the city and 36% are from countryside; 60% are boys and 40% are girls. The students’ families have different backgrounds. Some students are from normal families with both parents but many students are from single parent family. Some of them already have child when they come to the school. Therefore, the task of the school is not only providing the technical and academic education but more important than that is the education of humanity: skills, moral and family values. Many children come to the school with a broken heart for what they have experienced in the family. They are seeking from the DBITSC more than what they could get from other schools.

The program of the school is divided in to 2 sectors:

Academic: students have to complete the high school program after spending 2.5 years in the school. The high school program is grades 10 and 11. There will be added grade 12 in coming year according to the plan of the Education Department

Technical: students have acquired a trade that selected in the first year when they enter the school. After graduation, the technical level of students is 4th at national recognition.

The content of curriculum of school is divided into 2 major:

Academic and Technical:

  • Academic: students take formal High school program of the country of grades: 10, 11 and 12(since Mongolia education will start K-12system)
  • Technical: the program is also provided by the Education Department. However, the DBITSC requires the grading system of 70% for practical and 30% for theory. Every year, students spend a good number of times to do OJT practice in companies (6 weeks for 2nd year and 8 weeks for 3rd year, while 1st year spends 2 weeks in the school). The grade of OJT (On Job Training) is either Pass or Fail. Without completing the OJT, students are not eligible for graduation. After completion of school program, students also need to pass a trade test (only for technical subject) which is an overall exam from whatever student learnt in the school. The commission of the Trade Test is comprised of technical teacher, technical director and an engineer from company. Without passing trade-test, students are not eligible for seeking graduation.
  • The percentage of student who get the job after completing study are above 70%; entering University or colleges are 12 %. The rest of percentage is for going to military service, marriage, back to countryside…

The school offers 6 major courses: Auto-Mechanic, Welding, Masonry, Industrial sewing and fashion design, plumbing, Secretariat (or office administration). All students are required of learning computer literacy and English communication.

The Government appreciates our education work in technical field for poor young people in Mongolia. However our facilities are still very poor so we need to improve so we can continue our service in the future.