DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Orientation for the new academic year in Don Bosco ITSC

Today is the first day of school for students of Don Bosco Institute Skills Centre, Ulaanbaatar. The school welcomed 61 new enrollees for technical courses: sewing, secretarial, auto mechanics, welding, and plumbing. The school flag ceremony started at 9 o’clock in the morning, followed by the students’ orientation program.

Fr Paul introduced the school as part of an international organization. Currently, there are more than 3,000 Don Bosco schools in around 150 countries, providing primary, secondary, college education, and technical training. He also provided information about the founder of this international institute that started in 1845. This school is not only just a school but also a family they can turn to.

Principal B. Undarmaa introduced what Don Bosco Institute Skills Centre can do for students, how will the school’s programs help them to become self-supporting and become skilled professionals. The teachers are competitive and skilled in their own professions that students can look up to as their mentors.

The orientation program also included health and safety management from one of the doctors at E. Budee, a social worker of 13th khoroo, Bayanzurkh district. She conducted health awareness orientation about the Corona Virus pandemic. The students did online classes when the Covid19 quarantine was implemented last January 2020.  It is a good thing that they can ow return to school for their formal education.

A group discussion with the students was held to gather their expectations and eased their concerns about their chosen course.  It is our way to ensure the students’ confidence in their abilities.

By Dorothea Grace Padua, 

A volunteer for PDO, Don Bosco ITSC 

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