DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Fr. Rector Major Makes History in Mongolia

Don Bosco in his life time mentioned the name of Mongolia; probably he must have dreamt or intended to enter Mongolia. For past many weeks and months Delegate of Mongolia was waiting eagerly with great expectation the visit of beloved Rector Major Fr. Fernandez Angel Artime.  He is the first Fr. Rector Major ever visited Mongolia.

He was received with great joy and gratitude by great multitude of Mongolians, SDBs, FMAs and salesian family on October 22, 2016. He spent his valuable time in Don Bosco Darkhan community on October 23, 2016.

On October 24, 2016, He gave his time and energy for Don Bosco Ulaanbaatar community.  On 24th October with solemn Lauds followed by breakfast, delegate council meeting and then newly constructed Don Bosco care center building was blessed by him. Then followed by Eucharistic celebration in Sts. Peter and Paul cathedral in which all the salesians and the salesian family partook.

Soon after the Holy Mass, Don Bosco Technical School hosted a cultural program in gym. Three to four hundred people that include Don Bosco School, FMA kindergarten, Darkhan parish, and Shovoo a newly accepted mission center of salesians and His excellency  Wenseslav Padilla the bishop of Mongolia were present to highlight day. The cultural show began with national Mongolian National anthem, then one after another colorful Mongolian traditional dance, music, and song was presented on the stage. Rector Major while addressing the audience appreciated local church and Mongolian people for accepting and collaborating with salesians to bring up the young people who are the future of the nation. After the program, lunch was served for all and then a small token (gift) was given for all with the words of Fr. Anghel Artime Fernandez “Family is a school of life and love.” Then again he travelled for 40 kilometers away from the city to see the newly accepted mission center of Salesians.

In the evening hours he had a meeting with the local Bishop. After the meeting sendoff party was organized. Before going to rest he addressed all the FMAs and Salesian cooperators in small groups. “Don Bosco’s charisma and spirit must be kept in your families and society,” he said.

On October 25, 2016, after the Holy Mass he left Ulaanbaatar community at 6.45am. He was accompanied by all the 11 salesians who belong to Mongolian Delegate and all the Salesians cooperators to the Chingez Khan airport.

Delegate of Mongolia expresses its sincere gratitude to him for visiting us, at the same time Fr. Klement Vaclav and Fr. Lopez  deserve our heartfelt thanks for bringing and accompanying Don Bosco in Mongolia. All those who met Rector Major in Mongolia have felt the love and care of the father and this memory will always be cherished in our heart and minds.  A million Thanks dear Fr. Angel Fernanez! Mongolia loves you! You are dear to our hearts!


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