DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Fr. Rector Major in the land of the Blue Sky

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, October 22, 2016 – Rector Major Fr. Angel Fernandez Fr. Lopez and Fr. Clement were received at Chingiz Haan airport Ulaanbaatar at 5.30pm according to the local time. They were given a very grand welcome with a very rich Mongolian tradition as they enter Don Bosco Technical School Ulaanbaatar at around 7.15pm. Soon after that Fr. Rector Major was led to the chapel and he spent few minutes praying with Salesians and around 50 to 60 staff both from Don Bosco Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan community.

After a short prayer a sumptuous welcome dinner was served at the salesian community with a cultural show performed by the teachers. Before the dinner Fr. Paul Leung the delegate superior introduced the Rector Major and he said that Don Bosco in his life mentioned at least twice the name of Mongolia.  He added, ‘Mongolia is extremely happy to have Rector Major who represents Don Bosco.

And Rector Major, in his speech said that he was really happy to be among the Mongolian people and he said that he really tasted the culture and food of the Mongolians. He was very much impressed with the gestures of  welcome with Mongolian tradition. He expressed the words of gratitude to the salesians, FMAs, cooperators and teachers.

Tomorrow, Fr. Rector Major will be in Don Bosco Darkhan community around 250 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia. It is a big blessing for all as he makes the first visit to Mongolia. Mongolian delegate is grateful to him for spending his precious time in Mongolian mission.


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