DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Fr. Rector Major enters into the very heart of the Mongolian Culture

On October 23, 2016— Early in the morning Fr. Rector Major left Darkhan from Ulaanbaatar as he intended to spend his second day visit in Don Bosco Darkhan community.

As he arrived at Darkhan at around 10 am, he was given a grand welcome.  He was clothed with a Mongolian national costume, with a camel ride, with a cultural dance procession he was taken into the salesian residence. People waved national Mongolian flag along the road as he rode the camel.  At the entrance of the house he was given fermented mare’s milk and hatag (Mongolian blue scarf used for receiving guests).

He concelebrated at the Holy Mass in the Church of Mary Help of Christians. Around 200 people attended the Holy Mass.  Mass was celebrated by Fr. Paul Leung the Delegate of Mongolia. Of course the homily was delivered by Fr. Rector Major. In his homily, he said that he was very much impressed by the simplicity of the faithful (people) and encouraged everyone to remain steadfast in their faith that they have received. “God knows the heart of everyone and therefore one needs to be open to God in everything that he does,” He said. He told the people to support the salesians, FMAs and the Missionaries of Charity sisters (MC) who are dedicating their life for Mongolian people. During the Holy Mass Fr. Rector Major baptized two babies.

After the Holy Mass all the Salesians, FMAs, MC Sisters and cooperators gathered in Mongolian Ger (house) to share the fellowship meal according to the Mongolian tradition. Soon after the meal he addressed the salesians in the community chapel. He preferred to listen to the conferrers and their challenges. After the personal sharing of the conferrers he highlighted the following points.

-The personal testimony and witness touches the hearts of the people, therefore all the salesians should be a living evangelical witness among the people.

-Implanting of the salesian charism is very important for a salesian

– The primacy of fraternal life, communion and sharing are very much part and partial of salesian life and it should never be ignored.                                                                – Salesian should have a prudent vision and one needs to work and reflect. Do everything with shared vision.

– The element of the inter-culturality and of internationality should be maintained in the mission.

-Stability is needed; we are not founders but foundation communities, meaning work has to be continued by the future generation of the salesians.

-Take care of personal and spiritual life, take care of each other.

Lastly he thanked all the missionaries working in Mongolia.

At around 4:30 pm Rector Major was given farewell by the Darkhan community with a sprinkling of milk and with a word, ‘Huree, Huree, Huree’ meaning have a safe trip and a prosperous life.


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