DON BOSCO in Mongolia


FR. GUILLERMO BASAÑES, SDB Visits Red Hero (Ulaan-baatar)

November 19, 2016— Mongolian Delegation welcomes Fr. BASAÑES Councilor for the mission with Being welcomed by Fr. Leung the delegate superior of Mongoliagladness and joy. He landed in Ulaanbaatar on November 17, 2016 from Hong Kong together with Fr. Paul Leung Mongolian Delegate superior.

On 18, 2016, he offered Holy Eucharist for Salesian community, later he addressed the students of Don Bosco Technical School in the morning assembly.  “When we greet one another, in fact we open our hearts,” he said.  ‘Every one should be broadminded or open-minded to receive one another’, he added.

Addressing to the salesians in Ulaanbaatar community he said that the task of every missionary is to sow good and sweet seed in the mission not expecting the fruits immediately. He spoke on preventive system and the community life. He said that, for Salesians, preventive system is a most precious treasure and powerful tool and means by which one can transform the society. If preventive system is properly inculturated and understood it can penetrate and enter into the very soul of the young people. Salesians are here to love and accompany the young people; they should imitate God’s patience.

Regarding the community life he said that we should target on the quality of the community life. We should go for better community life than perfection of the running of the school. “Witnessing of the communion is the powerful means of evangelization,” he added

In the afternoon, on November 18, he also made a quick visit of the new Salesian presence in the outskirt of Ulaanbaatar.  In the evening, he joined with Don Bosco caring center children for dinner. After the dinner, a short welcome concert was organized by DB center and he gave good night to children.

His visit would be lasting for three days. Today, he is meeting the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Orbit, Ulaanbaatar.

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