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Food assistance to low-income households

On December 17, 2021, the Holy Family Catholic Parish organized a charity event to celebrate Christmas. The event was a great opportunity to get acquainted with the living conditions of low-income people and people with disabilities living in the 13th patt of the Southern District of Ulaanbaatar. The project sought to include households living as far away from the center as possible, and a survey was conducted by the social worker from local authority , which included households.

The recipients of the help were very happy, and when we talked to them about life, they were very optimistic. The words “difficult” and “poor” did not come from any of the households. They try to do what is possible on the periphery of Ulaanbaatar: grow vegetable, small farming, home made soap, candles, and organic cosmetics.

One lady and her younger sister, who is in on wheelchair, travel 80 km every day to Ulaanbaatar, where they completed a course in organic soap, cosmetics, and candles and where they volunteered to showcase her products.

An elderly man who plants sea buckthorns and currants also introduced us his small “farm”. Sarangerel said that she imports rare garlic seeds from the Netherlands, where she grows vegetables.

We were glad that we had a wonderful day with posibility to meet optimistic people, share with them and learn from them.

  • Food material help
  • Food material help
  • Food material help

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