DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Extra-ordinary visitation of Fr. Vaclav Klement

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 3 May 2017 — Regional Superior of EAO, Fr. Vaclav Klement SDB arrived in the Land of Chingiz Khaan (Mongolia) on April 29, 2017 for the Extra-ordination visitation. From April 30, 2017 to May 2, 2017 he visited the Auxilium Parish community in Darkhan located close to Russia.

He witnessed the reception of the sacrament of the First Holy communion the Confirmation of the young people in the presence of His Excellency Most Rev. Bp. Wenseslaw Padilla, DD.

Since May 3, 2017, he is in Don Bosco community Ulaanbaatar. He is meeting all the conferrers individually. He addressed this morning the school assembly which includes students and the school staff. In his morning talk the first question he asked the students whether they were happy, if yes, why they were happy. He asked also the following reflective questions- “Is there anyone happiest in Don Bosco School?” “How can you make teachers, parents or rector happy?” While sharing he said that happiness lies not in material things but in making others happy, this is also long lasting happiness.

He also spoke about past pupil, He said, “All those who have studied in our institutions and those of you who are studying here belong to the vast family of Don Bosco and therefore, all have to preserve the life values that you have learnt.”

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