DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Don Bosco’s Feast cum Graduation Day

The Feast of Don Bosco was celebrated with great exuberant in Ulaanbaatar on January 31, 2017. The celebration began in the morning at 10 am with the presentation of all the successors of Don Bosco acted by the Don Bosco Caring Center children. Thereafter the speech of the delegate Fr. Paul Leung followed, who in his speech admired the life and the works of Don Bosco. He presented Don Bosco as a Father, Friend and and Teacher of the young people. “The spirit of Don Bosco is fully alive in Mongolia among the youth and the teachers who are dedicating their life for the young people, together we can achieve the dream of Don Bosco, he said.” After his speech the concert followed and then the various awards for the children were given. Fidelity (faithfulness) to Don Bosco award was given to 10 teachers who have faithfully served the young in the spirit Don Bosco those who completed their services for 5, 10, and 15 years. The Mongolian delegation highly appreciates and is grateful to them for their whole hearted service to the young people of Mongolia.

In the Afternoon the 15th Graduation ceremony was hosted where in around 50 students after completing two and half years of technical and academic course graduated. On this occasion Most Rev. Wenseslau Padilla the bishop of Mongolia, government officials and dignitaries and the parents of graduating students were present. Managers of different companies also attended the ceremony; they awarded the students and also directly employed them in their respective companies. Bp. Wenseslau Padilla while addressing the audience emphasized on the living of the life values learnt in Don Bosco School. He thanked all the Salesians and the staff Don Bosco School for forming the young people to be good and honest citizens. Towards the end of the program there was handing over of the key to the first and the second year students. It symbolizes mind being opened to knowledge and success.  At this occasion outstanding students also were awarded with some scholarships.

The delegation of Mongolia wishes success and happiness to the outgoing students.

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