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Church as COVID-19 ambulance

Darkhan COVID ambulance

Everyone’s life seems to be peaceful, suddenly Covid 19 comes to change everything but then life still has to go on, change to continue living, sometimes everything seems to close before us, no market. , no supermarket, no factory, no factory, no school, no park, no place to play, no bustle playing in the playground even no church, no temple, and in many places the church became a hospital, infirmary, inn…

The Church in Darkhan also had the honor of contributing to this epidemic prevention strategy, especially when Omicron appeared; The church was invited to cooperate in the campaign to examine the people, and so the Mother Helper church here was cleaned to suit the work of medical examination, one of the people who cleaned up to prepare said: This is the best, the most spacious, and the cleanest place in this city.” Indeed, and moreover, the church is a place that often teaches the faithful, to live the faith, to live a humane life, to live a holy life. The mission of being a child of God, a place of spiritual healing and strengthening spirituality…. has now become a place of physical and psychological treatment for everyone. Every day, adults and children come to seek medical care.

Someone asked me, why let people use the church like that? I said, let her do it, because someone also told me to put the statue of Our Lady inside, but I still want her to stay there, still to the right of the sanctuary to see her children and make sure she will do something  for her children. While seeing this activity is going on I just pray and ask our Blessed Mother to heal them. And really  I don’t know how many people believe that? The government asked the church to cooperate to use the church for at least a month, starting from January 17, and then extending it again, but who knows I just thanks to the intervention of Mother, surely only those who have faith will just see it! because on February 1, which is also the day before the Lunar New Year, they returned to the church, exactly after 14 working days. While other places continue to conduct medical examinations.

The government came to take pictures and videos in the church when they examined people, and they put it on newspapers, as well as on TV stations, but they didn’t mention event the name of our church, they just said in general, ( maybe they don’t want to talk about the church in a society like we have now), but it doesn’t matter to me, because she knows what she does,  what is best for her children. She  doesn’t need to brag or advertise.After the Lunar new year, everywhere in the city has been reopened for activities, but only the church is still closed, our brothers and our parishioners can only pray… and on Mother’s Day in Lourdes we were allowed to back to normal activities, we would like to thank you, Mama Mary!

Fr. AndyTIN sdb

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