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Be a Christmas gift for others

Go deeper in the mystery of Christmas and become a gift for others. Fr. Anton SDB, serving in Darkhan in the north part of Mongolia, is sharing with us his experience of Christmas.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many people were postponing their Christmas celebration and Christmas party. It’s not because there is no Christmas celebration but more because of the covid-19 regulation and restrictions. Indeed, many people were missing Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. Does Jesus also postponed his coming on Christmas day? 

Once upon a time, I was taking my vacation during the Christmas season. Usually in my family’s tradition twice a year we have a chance to gather together as a family. If not on Christmas time then it would be on Easter. Morning before Christmas Eve, one of my 5 years old nephews was playing and running around the Christmas tree full of Christmas gifts. She looked happy and was enjoying the gifts that were put around the Christmas tree by touching and holding them. In her ignorance, she took out one of the red ribbons and put on her head while his father was going around. She said; “Papa, you see, I am becoming a gift now”. And I was sitting near her father.

The ignorant words of my nephew reminded me that children are always the gift from God for us family and for the church. Particularly at that time, we were waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the best Christmas gift from God. He is the only begotten son of God. He came and stayed with us. He is the Emmanuel “God with us”.  Therefore, we are waiting for Him, the only God’s child, Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, we have to be well prepared ourselves. Why? Because Jesus will not postpone and take the quarantine in order to come to us. His coming will not delay. And our waiting will not be disappointed if we truly prepared ourselves. Therefore, let us prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus in our heart and our life by saying, “Come Lord Jesus”.  Let us give Him a little room to stay with us by calling Him Emmanuel, “God with us”. Indeed, we may be ready to welcome Jesus in our heart and mind with his glory.

Therefore, Jesus is the best Christmas gift for each one of us. And each one of us is the best Christmas gift for God and for our neighbors. Indeed, as God is the one who gave his only begotten Son to be our best gift for this year of Christmas pandemic, we too must be a Christmas gift for others. Jesus is now with us. And He is the best gift that God gives for us. The question is: what is the best gift that you would like to give to Jesus? Give yourself and no other things! Like Jesus is the best Christmas gift for each one of us so let us be a Christmas gifts for others.  

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