DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Answering the urgent need on periphery of Ulaanbaatar

After nearly 2 years of pandemic, during which the schools were closed in Mongolia, there are so many children who are almost illiterate. To support their education there was opened a new Day Caring center in Shuwuu 40 km from Ulaanbaatar.

In 2017 there was entrusted to Salesians of Don Bosco a new place 40 km from the capital for service to local people in need. Its real name is “Tool tosgon”, but people usually say “Shuwuu”, which means “birds”, named by the chicken company situated there.

During the first years of service there, there was analyzed a need for a Day Caring center, which can help parents with care of their children. This need became urgent during the time of pandemic when from the end of January 2020 schools were closed all around Mongolia.

There were so many things to prepare! All building reconstruction, central heating, water supply, kitchen for feeding program, class rooms with all equipments… and basic personal as well.

After 2 years of long preparation the project finally started on October 20, 2021. Around 50 enrolled children arrived at the new Day caring Centre in ages from 6 to 12 years. New appointed director of Day Caring center Br. Krzysztof SDB says: “Every day together with workers, teachers and Salesians we are helping children to do their homework, improve their writing and reading skills and checking them. We even provide simple food and dessert for them. Children are very happy because after lessons in the school they can come here and do homework with the help of our teachers. They also have different activities: games, handicrafts work, dancing lessons and sewing class. We are accompanying children to public school, and bringing them back from school to the Caring Centre. We are organising for them so many different activities and teaching them how to improve their life.

In the name of all these children in need, we would like to express gratitude to all donors and benefactors. This new service couldn’t start without their help.

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