DON BOSCO in Mongolia


Advent story: Woman who was waiting for God

One pious lady prayed that God would come to her house. She invited him to her house. And the dear Lord told her that he would come in a week.
Surely you can imagine how she cleaned, cooked, baked and prepared for this visit all week.
The long-awaited day has finally arrived. Our lady got up early in the morning. She flooded the stove and began to prepare for the table. She said to herself, “Maybe our dear God will come early in the morning, so I don’t want to miss him.”
So she spent the whole morning in anticipation, but no one came.
She was already expecting the afternoon with great impatience. Someone knocked on the door. The woman immediately jumped up to them. When she opened them, she stood in surprise. Behind them stood a beggar who came and asked for something to eat. The kitchen smelled delicious, but the lady was waiting for someone else. She shouted at him, “Is that nice, what are you looking for here? I have other worries now than feeding you here! Calm down from here.”
She waited all afternoon, but no one else came. And so is the evening. When midnight struck, our mistress turned to a dear God with a prayer: “How is it, Lord, that you did not come when you promised me?” – “I was visiting you, but you did not receive me and drove me away.”

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